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The allure of a log cabin, a 100% wooden construction, appeals strongly to individuals with a penchant for nature-friendly materials and a love for wooden design aesthetics. The distinctive feature of protruding boards in the corners adds a touch of

Undertaking the task of building a garden room is undoubtedly an exciting venture, but it often brings the challenge of adhering to a budget. Whether your vision is a home office, a studio, or a tranquil retreat, there are various

If you are considering a healthier lifestyle, a new business venture as a fitness instructor or you simply enjoy keeping fit, a garden gym room is definitely something you should look for. We have a variety of garden buildings that

Whether you run a business from home or you need a space to accommodate your working from home needs, a home office from PlaceHill is all you need. Why take up space in your home when you can have a

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