Garden room.

Garden room prices start from £7,500.
You'll get:

Extra Living Space

Whether you are looking to hit the gym everyday, a nice and quiet work place or utilise some garden space - we can tailor to whatever your needs. Insulated for year round use.

Fast Installation

From your design approval, we aim to get everything installed within 4 weeks!

Increased Property Value

Adding a garden room to your home can increase its value from 5 - 15%!

Free Design

You can make sure that you achieve the look you want, without having to spend a penny before installation.

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Garden Rooms

It takes time to find a reliable supplier for a functional and stylish garden room. PlaceHill has created a standardised product to guarantee promised lead time and workmanship. Keeping in mind affordable budgets.

We have created a viable solution for all your home needs. PlaceHill’s designs help to create a versatile environment taking you away from household distractions.

Home Offices

Our builds create the possibility to avoid morning commutes to work. Be in your work environment in seconds, keep your work and home life separate. Our garden offices are built for year round use, are sound proof and cosy.

Garden Gym

Many people wish that they had space for their own gym equipment. Taking up a bedroom or a spare room in the home isn’t often the best choice. Furthermore, when people have their gym within their home, they often lack the inspiration to use it because the sofa is often the preferred choice. You need privacy and a proper environment to enjoy the exercise.

Extending the home can be costly and with it comes a lot of disruption, but with our garden rooms, you can go from having a lack of space to having more space in a matter of weeks.

Extra Space

Space around the home is at a premium which makes our outbuildings the ideal choice. With a variety of designs available you can find a solution that captures your needs perfectly. Whether you want additional space to store belongings or you want a garden summer house that can be enjoyed in the sunshine, our high-quality garden rooms can make for the ideal space solution. Be it spare room for pet grooming, salon, commercial use, utility room, garden annexe.

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