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We build any of these models for required purposes & specifications. All measurements are adjustable


Deceptively spacious and with added privacy. Large sliding front doors. Side windows. Front facing eave and terrace.

Height 2.5 m
Depth 2.6 m
Width 4.9 m

£18,900 (incl. VAT)

Floor plan

What is included in our Garden Room price

  • Delivery to your chosen address
  • Garden Room installation
  • Base construction
  • Double glazed, Smash-proof Security Windows & Doors
  • Light fittings, Light
  • Switches & Fixtures
  • Power Sockets
  • Engineered Hardwood flooring
  • Interior finish (price depends on chosen materials)
  • Flooring (price depends on chosen materials)
  • 60cm terrace
  • 60cm overhang
  • 3D model
  • Consulting and advice
  • 10 year guarantee on construction and roof
  • 5 year guarantee on windows and doors

Potential extras

  • Plastered and painted interior finish
  • Different cladding options
  • Extra lights, sockets, fittings
  • Radiator
  • Air conditioner
  • Ventilation systems
  • Extra windows
  • Extended terrace
  • QUOTED SEPARATELY: Outdoor power cable installation, switchboard connection and testing – quoted separately by our approved NICEIC contractor. Cost is variable and dependent on your garden size and layout. We can assess further once we have reviewed your garden

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Materials and features

We construct your chosen garden room to fit your desired size and add the bespoke solutions of your choice.

No planning permission: our cabins qualify as permitted development, subject to conditions.

Efficient Installation – our modular design keeps disruption to a minimum. Average installation in 8 days. Minimum construction footprint in your garden.

Floor: standard thickness 200mm, including 100mm insulation.

Wall: standard thickness 140mm, including 50mm insulation. Additional insulation upon request.

Roof: total thickness 150mm, including 100 mm insulation.

Year round rooms. Fully insulated and suited to all weathers.

Double glazed security windows. Smash-proof, excellent heat retention.

Plastered and painted interior finish.

Heating: For most rooms a 1kW heater is enough. We fit a wall mounted electric heater as standard.

Electrical fixtures and fittings included. 

Base: ground screws or concrete depending on the ground surface.

Extra decking. Our standard decking is 600mm decking but we can accommodate any additional decking you require.

Rain gutter.

Eco-friendly thermowood cladding. Colour options: natural unstained, natural stained, dark green, black, grey, white.

All natural wooden flooring.

Rodent protective netting.

Sound proofing: The walls provide extra acoustic insulation. Noise coming from the outside environment and noise escaping the garden room are minimal.